Shinkansen metal part found detache !! NEWS.


Officials with East Japan Railway Company say a metal part that went missing from a Shinkansen bullet train has been found. They say the problem did not disrupt services or cause any injuries.The officials say maintenance workers found the part missing from the undercarriage of a train at a Joetsu Shinkansen depot in Niigata city, northeastern Japan on Tuesday. The workers later found it on the roof of another carriage.

The part, which is about 20 centimeters long, 14 centimeters wide, and weighs about 2.6 kilograms, is used to limit excess vertical movement of the air springs on the frame. The operator says it was attached with 2 bolts and wires, which have not been found.

Company officials say no abnormalities were found during an inspection on Sunday. They say the part may have broken off while the train was in operation and landed on the other carriage roof.


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