Minimum Living Cost In Tokyo,Japan !!!!

Go to work almost a month,
Excellent Tokyo life always use one word to describe:

Looking at empty wallet really want to ask yourself:
"Where my money goes?!"


Tokyo salary is 200,000 yen per month in common,
We are living in the cities with the highest prices in Asia,
Full speed to make money to keep up with the rhythm of money ah!


Calculate monthly expenses together single in Tokyo :

Housing: ¥ 65,000 / month


We are within the work, living in the suburbs of Tokyo,
So accustomed to sharing a rented one-room apartment of 10 to 20 square.
Monthly rent 58,000-70,000 yen,
Down a bunch of deposit, key money, brokerage fees, margin,
A total of 200,000 paid early sign two-year contract,
with one month's rent included.
This doesn't finish here,

Water, electricity, gas fee: 8,000 yen / month

With seasonal fluctuations,
Winter and summer air-conditioning is power-hungry,
Bath lover, love more powerful washing water,
Cook at home a lot of times is not inverted,
All add up to about 8000 yen per month.

Telephone, network fees: 10,000 yen / month


Phone bill: 5,6 thousand per month,
4,320 home broadband monthly,
Monthly communications costs is around 10,000 yen.

Transportation fee: 2,000 yen / month


Basically go by train,
Tokyo Metro start 140 to 160 yen,
Monthly Fare: 2,000~4000 yen
(House or good)

Fooding: 36,000 yen / month


Breakfast: bread, coffee/tea :200 yen
Daily Food: Lunch 500 yen.
Dinner: cook at home cost 300~500 yen

Clothing Shoes Bags: ¥ 20,000 / month

As a woman must be equipped,
Money on these things simply can not control,
Visiting a street accidentally carry several bags back,
Monthly average 20,000 Forget it (definitely more than that)

Daily necessities: 5,000 yen / month

Without make-up will not get the door to Japan,
always filled with drug store you go to spend money,
Plus washing powder,shampoo, toothpaste, hygiene and the like,
There are occasionally buy magazines, books
5,000 per month guarantee.

Doctor: 0 yen / month


Although the Japanese medical insurance can be reimbursed 70%
But this part of the money or not spend as well.
Can not have a serious illness, ailment withstood
Monthly medical care costs are negligible.

Insurance tax: 30,000 yen / month

Since no single person needs excellent dependents,
Various taxes and fees are not made to give relief,
Even if the doctor does not have to pay health insurance,
There are income tax, resident tax, annuity (pension),
Basic monthly 30,000 yen went out again! ! !


Well, this is excellent sauce monthly savings


It's just excellent personal spending situation.
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